3-Ingredient Chia and Quinoa Flatbread (vegan)

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Oh boy, allergy elimination diets are a breeze! Said no one ever. It’s been challenging to think of recipes when many of the foods and ingredients I love are also ones I should avoid for a bit before gradually reintroducing. So when I came up with these flatbreads, I was seriously overjoyed! There’s always a silver lining.

It’s hard finding bread-like foods with short ingredient lists at the grocery store, so I took matters into my own hands in the kitchen. It’s been a while since I made a flatbread (way back to my first cookbook). Six trials later, I finally nailed the recipe! (Of course, wouldn’t you know it, I went back to my second trial and only tweaked it slightly.) I tested soaked/sprouted raw quinoa, I tested cooked quinoa, I tested with a blender (and then a food processor), I tested with and without oil. I

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