Ask Angela: Shelf-stable work lunch ideas, swapping chickpea miso, Scottsdale restaurant tips, and more!

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What awesome weather we’ve had in Southern Ontario this week! I finally found myself thinking yep, we made it through that long winter…we’re on the other side! Things are a-bloomin’! Lately I’ve been trying to incorporate more relaxation practices into my days as I’ve been struggling with some ongoing allergic/immune reactions and just feeling totally off balance. One thing I’ve found helpful is taking time to enjoy a morning walk before I begin my day—I used to get the kids up, feed them, and then tackle my work almost immediately, so this subtle shift in routine has been making a big difference. Connecting with nature always invigorates me. Here’s to a good month ahead!

Q1. Hi Angela! I’m new to the vegan lifestyle and find the hardest part for me comes when I forget to pack my lunch for work. Do you have any suggestions for what kinds

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