3 Ways to Make Tofu in an Air Fryer

Ah, this is a post I’ve been wanting to create for a while! I got an air fryer well over a year ago and I use it for a TON of stuff. Roasted chickpea snacks? Homemade tortilla chips? Potato wedges or oil-free sweet potato fries? Definitely.

BUT – my favorite thing to make in the air fryer is tofu! Slice some firm tofu and stick it in the air fryer for 10 minutes and it ends up crispy on the outside, slightly puffy, with a moist, custard-like, meaty interior. Even with nothing fancy added, the tofu comes out good enough to eat all by itself. But we’re not stopping there, of course. Below, I’ve got my three favorite recipes for making tofu in an air fryer – each a completely different flavor, texture, and style.

An aside about air fryers… if you’re new to this technology, they’re basically just giant

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Secret Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Pudding

[Oh no, not another one of those vegan chocolate puddings with a “secret healthy ingredient” that is definitely just avocado…]


[Then obviously it’s silken tofu…]


This pudding has a secret ingredient you would never imagine. Shoutout to the One Ingredient Mom for first finding a similar recipe and sharing it with me. She told me it was oil free, sugar free, and made with a secret healthy ingredient that I would “never guess”.

I thought of avocado and tofu, but that definitely wasn’t it… The pudding was chocolatey, rich, the perfect texture, and incredibly sweet. I didn’t even believe her when she told me it was made with…

Sweet potatoes!

This pudding is crazy. 6 simple ingredients. No oil. No sugar. Healthy nutrient-dense sweet potatoes and cocoa. 2 minutes of blending is all it takes (once you’ve got some baked sweet potatoes). I’ve expanded on the original

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The Complete Guide to Fiber

Fiber seems like a boring subject. I mean, who wants to read a 3,000-word article about the benefits of dietary fiber?!

But please, keep reading. The truth is, fiber might be the most exciting health topic on the planet. Why? Because it has more potential to boost your health than practically anything else.

The more I dig into nutritional science, the more I am convinced that eating a high fiber diet is probably the #1 thing we could all do to improve our health.

Unfortunately, nearly everyone in the Western World is deficient in fiber. Our human ancestors probably got somewhere in the range of 100 grams per day (!) while today, the average American is getting 15 grams of fiber. Fifteen!

We desperately need to change that, so I put together this in-depth guide with everything you need to know about getting more fiber in your diet. The guide

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The World’s Best Vegan Meatballs

If you don’t mind me saying so myself, I think my Perfect Veggie Burgers really do live up to their title. The flavors are both meaty and fresh with the sunflower seeds and veggies. The texture with the oats and flax is firm without being chewy. The nutritional profile couldn’t be better. I love those burgers! For my family’s Christmas this year, I decided to make some subtle tweaks and turn them into meatballs instead. The ingredients are pretty similar, but I made them slightly “brighter” by adding green onions and a hint of ginger.

I have to say, I think this recipe is even better as meatballs. The texture is awesome, as the outside gets crispy while the inside remains soft, and the flavors are equally good in spherical format

What’s especially great about this recipe is that you can take it in any direction you want. They

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8 Healthy-Eating Hacks to Survive the Holidays

How do you stay healthy during the holidays?? 

Over the last week, I have gotten this question from numerous readers who have been struggling with maintaining a healthy diet during the holidays. There’s so much tempting junk food, so many family gatherings, and plenty of free time to just keep snacking.

The good news is, there are actually quite a few simple things we can do to survive the onslaught of unhealthy food this time of year. So while the season is already in full swing, I wanted to squeeze in this quick article to share eight of my best hacks to eat healthy during the holidays… 

1.  Narrow Your Eating Window

You may have heard of the 16-8 fast where you cram all your calories into an 8-hour window and fast the other 16 hours. This is actually really good for your metabolism. Especially during the holidays when there

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The Perfect Vegan Pancakes

I have an embarrassing confession to make… until just a short while ago, I couldn’t make vegan pancakes. Almost every time I tried, the batter would come out sticky, undercooked, burned, gummy, thick, or thin. Sometimes all of the above at once. One attempt after another, one disaster after another.

I had these terrible dreams that I would someday be on a cooking game show, crushing the competition and moving through the challenges until I reached the final round. The announcer would say, “and for the grand prize, Andrew, all you have to do is… cook a simple pancake!” My face would fill with dread and I’d shout “NOOOOOO” as I ran out of the kitchen.

I mean, this isn’t completely my fault. Making light, fluffy, delicious vegan pancakes with only real ingredients is really hard. They say that the mark of a good chef is the ability

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I Have Been Vegan for 10 Years. Here Are My 10 Biggest Takeaways…

One morning about ten years ago, I woke up and thought, “hey I think I’m a vegetarian now.” And that was it. A few months later I went vegan and I have never looked back. It wasn’t about animal welfare, I wasn’t concerned about greenhouse gasses (if I even knew what they were), and I hadn’t just watched any documentaries about diet-related diseases. It was just pure intuition.

At the time, I had no way of knowing what a positive role this decision would play in my life.

This momentary insight over a decade ago was the best lifestyle choice I have ever made, without question. Of all the changes and improvements in my life over the years, this one really stands apart as the most impactful.

I just realized that I passed my 10-year veganniversary (lol) this year, so I thought I would share what I consider to

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The Simplest Cornbread Muffins

As I was recently going back through all of my recipes to add them into my new app (which is doing awesome, thank you all for supporting it!), I was a little surprised to notice that some of my older recipes used a bit more sugar and oil than I would have liked. I mean, it was never a ton, but as my cooking and nutritional knowledge have evolved, I have stopped using sugar and oil almost completely. I’m even planning on revamping some older recipes to omit or replace the oil & sugar where possible.

What does that have to do with muffins? Well, one of my favorite recipes is my strawberry cornbread muffins. They’re delicious, but they have a quarter cup of both maple syrup and coconut oil. Ugh. Really? So recently, I decided to work some magic (namely pureed dates and almond butter for a sweet, rich,

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10 Reasons to Download the New Ingredients Recipe App

It’s true, a One Ingredient Chef APP!

If you’re wondering why I’ve been totally MIA for a month, well, this is why! I’ve been locked away coding, designing, and testing this brand new mobile app and I could not be more excited to share it with you.

The app is called “Ingredients” and it features nearly *all* of my recipes (over 275 in total) that have been reformatted and remastered into this all-new medium. Seriously, I’ve been using the app myself during testing and I think it is the best / fastest / most intuitive way to use my recipes. Here’s a quick video demo I made about it:


The app is available now for both iPhone and Android at the following links:

Download Ingredients for iPhone »

Download Ingredients for Android »

…but if you need more convincing, here’s a roundup of 10 reasons

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What I Eat for Breakfast Every Day

It might sound strange, but I wear the same clothes pretty much every day. A black long t-shirt and black Prana Brion shorts or black jeans. I do have a few grey t-shirts in reserve if I’m feeling really adventurous, but most days, it’s the same thing.

It’s not that I don’t care about what I’m wearing, it’s that I care too much. I tend to obsess over details. If I had to think through what I’m wearing every day, I would overthink things and  waste too much energy. So instead, I took the time to find the one outfit that fits/works perfectly so that I can forget about it. That way, my brainpower is reserved for more productive and creative things.

For similar reasons, I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning. In fact, my entire morning ritual is pretty much set in stone: I wake up around

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