Bask in Cruelty-Free Beauty with the July Vegan Cuts Vegan Beauty Box

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I’ve been reviewing Vegan Cuts Vegan Beauty Boxes here on Chic Vegan for a few years now, so if you’re a regular reader, you’re familiar with it. If you’re new to the site, or even new to veganism, you may not know about the Beauty Box though, so let me fill you in.

The Vegan Cuts Vegan Beauty Box is a subscription beauty box service. Each box is full of 4 to 7 cruelty-free cosmetics and skin care products and is sent to your door every month. Some are samples while others are full-sized. Of course, all of the products are free of animal ingredients and are never tested on animals. Most of them are all natural and organic as well.

I’ve been receiving The Vegan Beauty Box since 2014, and I’m impressed with the variety of products Vegan Cuts puts in them. I’ve never received the same product twice! I’ve been able to try all

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