Be Healthy Every Day – A Weekly Planner

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Be Healthy Every Day: A Weekly Planner by Maria Marlowe will help you stay on track with your healthy living goals!

Organization Junkie

You may remember I mentioned that I’m an organization junkiea few months ago. I love setting goals, making lists, and I love using a planner to do so. I find that staying organized and writing things down is the best way to help reach my goals, whether those goals are for business, life, or work.

Be Healthy Every Day

Be Healthy Every Day: A Weekly Plannerby Maria Marlowe is the perfect planner to help stay on track with healthy living goals.

Each week of the planner has spaces to write down what you plan to do each day along with a space to write your goal for the week. There’s also a weekly progress tracker and spaces to write down your greatest accomplishment and greatest challenge. Weekly reminders,

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