Creamy Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

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Soup! Of all my recipes, I think I am most proud of my soups. Vegan soup is an underrated thing. They’re easy, they store well, and there are so many possibilities! More than any other dish, soups allow you to develop amazing flavors with minimal effort.

In this particular recipe that is perfect for autumn, the butternut squash is the star. What makes this soup great is that the squash is first roasted to bring out the delicious caramelization and then combined with potato, cashew cream, and a great combo of spices to give the soup body and the perfect balance of flavors.

Also, I made a video for this recipe too! Firstly, thank you for all the feedback on the last video. Doing that was a blast and you guys seemed to really like it, so I’m hoping to do many more in the future (at least 50%

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