Dupont and Plant Based Protein?


Dupont and Plant Based Protein?….No thank you

On 9/27/17, Dupont announced on their website that they have manufactured plant-based nuggets to use “snacks, cereals and nutrition bars”. Three different types have been produced. I will leave a link to their article below. While I appreciate the growth of plant based products I urge people to do their research and with some of these companies.

Dupont has been involved in a lawsuit with over 3,000 plaintiffs over contaminated water. The area affected includes Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia. The main chemical detected was C-8, also known as perfluorooctanoic acid. C-8 is a carcinogen that is linked to kidney cancer, has been found in newborn babies and breast cancer. Earlier this year, DuPont offered to settle the lawsuits for 670 million dollars. I refuse to support this company nor any of their products. Please do your research!

DuPont Offers $670M Settlement For “Teflon” Chemical Contamination Of Water

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