Eating Vegan in Quebec City

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About 150 miles northeast of Montreal, Quebec City feels a lot like Europe. The old part of town has narrow cobblestone streets, buildings that date back to the 1700s and people speaking French. This is a beautiful place to visit in all seasons. But be sure to pack your thickest down alternative for winter.

Old Quebec. Photo by Teresa Bergen.

Unlike Montreal, Quebec City is far from the cutting edge of veg. Here are a few places to get a good vegan meal in Quebec City.

Monastére des Augustines

This 17th century monastery turned wellness center is my top pick for vegans and vegetarians. If you like a quiet atmosphere, history and yoga, I highly recommend staying at the Monastére des Augustines.

Old monastery plus new glass walkways makes for fun architecture. Photo by Teresa Bergen.

Breakfast is eaten in silence as a throwback to the Augustinian sisters’ tradition, who have lived

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