Enlightened Eating

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Each of us has our own vegan “story.”’

It’s profound. It’s personal. And it’s likely one you’re proud of – so proud, in fact, that you’re happy to share it, even when asked by non-vegans.

Our vegan “stories” are so personally powerful because they transcend mere dietary choices. These stories are our personal tales of how we choose to live – of the values we’re embracing.

By choosing not to eat animals – in fact, by avoiding all products made from animals – we’re saving lives. And if we can persuade someone else to make the same choices, and travel the same path, our vegan “story” becomes even more meaningful … even more powerful.

Truth be told, I like hearing other folks’ vegan stories. They’re cool.

In her recent book, Enlightened Eating, Dr. Cassandra Ohlsen shares her vegan story.Ohlsen, a practicing physician in Monterey, California, tells us how she

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