Fitness and Pregnancy (Featuring: Fit180 Private Training Studio)

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Some of you know that I avoided working out for the first half of my pregnancy.  This was largely an emotionally-driven decision, born out of fear and a lack of self-confidence (my baby just felt so fragile in there!  And how would I even know if I’m pushing myself too hard in the gym??) as well as, I believe, a healthy level of caution (1 in 4 pregnancies do not make it to term; pregnancy losses tend to happen during the first trimester, and are typically either the inevitable result of a chromosomal abnormality or sometimes are just a sad, sad mystery).

Luckily for me, fitness trainer and the owner of Fit180, Julie Hoang Clayton (the hottie photographed with me above who, incidentally, gained 80 pounds during each of her two pregnancies and was then able to bounce back into the best shape of her life) truly cares about her

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