Interview Series: Bella Mahaya Carter

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Photo by Robin Foley

Bella Mahaya Carter is an author, writing teacher, developmental editor, and empowerment coach with a lifelong passion for creativity, health, and healing. Her new book is Raw: My Journey from Anxiety to Joy.

The title Raw has a double meaning. Bella adopts a raw diet in order to heal chronic stomach problems, but she also shares raw emotions in the book, which is about her journey from agony to inner peace.

Raw is divided into three sections—Body, Mind, and Spirit—and it chronicles Bella’s healing journey. Many of us have had to deal with health issue that doctors couldn’t solve for us (I know I have!), so we’ve had to become our own doctors in a way. I could relate to Bella’s health issues and frustrations with the medical system.

While a raw diet did help with her stomach problems, her anxiety continued, so Bella experimented with different modalities and holistic

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