Interview Series: Jazzy Vegetarian’s Laura Theodore (Plus Vegan Brownie Bites!)

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Laura Theodore is a recognized public television personality, vegan chef, radio host, cookbook author, and award-winning actor and recording artist. Laura is the on-camera host of the highly successful, Jazzy Vegetarian vegan cooking series on public television and host of the popular podcast radio show, Jazzy Vegetarian Radio.

Laura is author of four vegan cookbooks, including Laura Theodore’s Vegan-Ease,  Jazzy Vegetarian’s Deliciously VeganJazzy Vegetarian Classics and Jazzy VegetarianLaura is recipient of the Taste Award for Best Health and Fitness Program (Food and Diet), and she wasrecently inducted into the Taste Hall of Fame. Laura’s first restaurant, The Jazzy Vegetarian Vegan Café, recently opened Hendersonville, NC.

Chic Vegan: You’re known for your television show, Jazzy Vegetarianon PBS. You’re one of the first people to have a vegan cooking show on national television. How did it come about?
Laura Theodore: I have always been a ‘show-biz’ kind of girl. When I was three years old, my Grandpa had

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