Let’s Talk: Vegan Prenatal Vitamins!

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Since announcing our pregnancy, I’ve gotten more questions than ever before asking me about supplements (read my previous post on regular, everyday supplements I’ve taken and recommend here), as well as vegan prenatal vitamins.  To be honest, a vegan pregnancy has not been any different, to my knowledge, than a non-vegan pregnancy.  At 30 weeks, I’ve gained 19 lbs, which is totally on track.  My OB was completely unfazed by my strict vegan diet and lifestyle (if you’re in Dallas, I highly recommend Dr. Amy Martin), even when I was a BIT low in vitamin D (Americans in general tend to be low in D, but vegans and vegetarians can be slightly more susceptible to low values).  She and her team helped find me vegan prenatals so that baby River and I can go on to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.  Ready? Let’s go!

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