Mini Caramel Apple Pies

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Apples are a seriously underrepresented ingredient here on 1IC. There’s only about 3-4 good apple recipes and that’s a shame because 1) apples are delicious and 2) a study of older Australian women found that an apple a day reduces risk of death by 35%! Imagine a miracle drug that reduces your chances of dying by 35% and only costs like $.50… An apple a day, I guess it’s true!

So if you’re looking to get more apples into your diet, this recipe might be the way to go. Each cupcake-sized pie is made with a whole wheat crust stuffed with a mixture of minced apples and a delicious date-based caramel sauce, all baked until golden brown and delicious. It’s super sweet and satisfying, but sweetened entirely with fruit (other than a tablespoon of maple syrup) and made with whole grains and nuts. It’s the kind of apple pie you

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