Minty Millet Bowl with Tasty Chickpeas

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I recently jumped onto the millet bandwagon. Can you believe that I’ve never posted a millet recipe in 5+ years of this recipe development nonsense? In fact, I don’t think I had ever intentionally eaten millet before last month. But I have to tell you guys, millet is really delicious! I think it might be my new favorite grain (you know you’re a vegan when you have a list of favorite grains…).

Dried millet looks almost identical to quinoa, but when cooked it has a nuttier, sweeter taste with a firmer and chewier texture. It’s packed with protein and has an awesome nutritional profile. But the best part is how fast & easy it is to cook. 20 minutes in a covered stockpot and it comes out perfect every time (unlike quinoa which can be a little finicky).

So for my first millet recipe, I was thinking of

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