My Cleveland VegFest Experience 2018

The Cleveland Vegan Society went bigger and better this year with their 2018 Cleveland VegFest! I’m here to share my experience.

Logistics: Before I get into the event itself, let’s talk about getting there and staying the night. Cleveland Vegan Society and The Hilton Downtown Cleveland set up an attendee block of rooms to reserve. This was such a great idea as the hotel is adjacent to the convention center (where the VegFest was held) and there is a tunnel from the parking garage to the hotel lobby. For me this was a huge plus as there was a marathon that morning and the President was in town. I did not have to deal with any traffic or blocked off streets.

Presenters: Here’s who I saw and their discussion topics:
* Mark Messina: Soyfood Controversies: Sorting through science.
* Genesis Butler: Making a difference for animals at any age:
* David Carter: Oppression in the Food System
* Peter Hammarstedt: Shepards of the Sea: How Direct Action can Save the Oceans

Screening Room Presentations: The two screenings I watched were:
* Racing Extinction: This documentary focused on the role humans play in the mass extinction of species…….very good documentary.
* Kangaroo: Shedding light on Australia’s love/hate relationship with Kangaroos.

Food Demos: The two demos I watched were:
* Vegan Vicki: Tasty Tacos
* Chef Da’Ves Malone: Unrolled Sushi
Both were awesome!!

Music Stage: I only saw one musician
* Grey: #PlantBasedDrippin!

I did not check out any of the kids activities. Sorry, I don’t have children but I am sure they were great as well. Overall this event was great. There were vendors with great products, food, merch and information. The food lines were long….really long, but given the amount of people there the wait was not that long.

I encourage everyone to come out and support next year if you can!!

PS: The free water buggy in the food court was also amazing as I was able to bring in and use my own water bottle!


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