My Dogs’ Homemade, Vegan, “Special Food” Recipe!

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Hi friends!

A few of you who watch my Instagram stories have requested that I find a permanent place to keep my recipe for my special, “gourmet,” vegan dog food.   So, here it is, for your reference, any time!

In addition to be super nutritious and delicious (yes I’ve tried it myself and it’s actually GREAT), this recipe works well for picky eaters, and also just to supplement your dog’s typical, everyday dry food (in my case, V-Dog brand). Whenever I board my dogs, I drop trays of this “special food” off with them as a treat, and it has helped them immensely with their separation anxiety– because they have learned to associate going to the boarders with getting their delicious “special food!”

You’ll need:

3 sweet potatoes 1 cup long grain rice 1 cup quinoa 1 cup lentils 1 jar of natural peanut butter (please make extra sure

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