Raw Peaches & Cream Cobbler

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The two best things about a peach cobbler are 1) the way the peaches cook down into a kind of syrup and 2) the flaky crust that the peaches soak into. It might seem a bit bizarre, then, that we’re making a raw cobbler here where neither of those things can be accomplished. But don’t worry – what we’re doing instead is even better!

In order to give our raw cobbler that syrupy feel, we’ll blend a peach with some dates and then toss it with the rest of the fresh peaches… the crust will be a raw date/nut mixture… and there’s a vanilla chia pudding which acts as a creamy component and takes this dessert to another level.

Right about now I’m starting to regret leaving my community garden where members can take freely from the fruit trees. I remember shooting this photo last year, amazed that each of

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