Smoky Mac ’n’ Cheese from Great Vegan BBQ Without a Grill

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Get your comfort food fix with this Smoky Mac ’n’ Cheese with Coconut Bacon from Great Vegan BBQ Without a Grill by Linda & Alex Meyer!


Growing up in New Jersey, the word barbecue meant the grill or a party that involved cooking things on the grill (as in a backyard barbecue). In my family, we often barbecued burgers, potatoes, and corn with coleslaw and potato salad on the side. Barbecue was also a kind of sauce, but we didn’t often use it when grilling. So when I was older and I heard people talking about great barbecue, I figured it meant a fun backyard party that involved grilled food. Of course, I now know that barbecue,or BBQas it’s often called, is a way of cooking meat, usually pork, with various styles of bbq sauce, and it’s verypopular in the South. Different Southern states tend to have their own style.

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