Snowy Vibes in Vintage

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This post is coming to you a little later than expected. I had forgotten all about these photos and happened upon them today. This look was taken around January, I believe. I was at a vintage shop and I fell in love with these awesome 70’s plaid flared pants. Disappointingly at first glance, these pants were labeled by the store as “Wool Pants”. However, when I felt that fabric, I was 70% sure it wasn’t. Keeping my fingers crossed, I checked the tags and to my relief they were 100% acrylic. I recommend checking tags, always! You never know – fabrics may surprise you… Although, fur is pretty obvious and repulsive. Buying leather or wool second-hand may be more acceptable (in terms of sustainability) than opting for new, but I personally do not buy or wear any clothes that use animals as fabric regardless of leniency to sustainability. The decision is yours.

These pants definitely needed, and still requires an alter.

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