Tetra Pak: Eco-friendly Food Packaging FTW!

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I hope everyone had a happy Earth Day!  Some of you might know that I attended EarthX, which takes place in Dallas and has a focus on sustainability, improvements, and conservation.  To be totally transparent with you, I usually leave half inspired, and half cranky… There is inevitably a bit of greenwashing you have to contend with (this is Texas and they are trying, but some simply miss the mark), and on an ethical level I just CAN’T with zoo representation at an Earth event. BUT, they have a “Vegan Village” now with all animal-friendly products and food, and are making massive steps in the right direction.  Overall, this year was super exciting and brought many new concepts and eco-friendly developments to the table… I left feeling happy and hopeful for our future.

The brightest spot in my entire day was visiting the Tetra Pak booth!  I was AMAZED by

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