The 8-Hour Black Bean Soup with Cashew-Lime Sour Cream

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A few years ago, I made something called the 8-minute black bean soup and it was a big hit. I’m not sure anyone actually managed to make it in 8 minutes (I think the best I heard was about 12 minutes), but nevertheless it was super-fast to make because you simply dumped a can of beans into a pan with some spices and stuff and called it a day. For what it was, it’s actually pretty good and I still make it occasionally.

But, obviously there’s only so much you can do to develop flavors in 8 minutes. I figure the only logical followup to that is the 8-hour black bean soup. This one’s made in a slow-cooker with dried black beans, which will taste fresher and have a ton more flavor than the canned variety. We’ll also add a bunch of other things too, like broth, plenty of veggies,

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