The Anti-Aging Kale Pesto Pasta Salad

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Can pasta salad help you live longer? That might be a stretch, but lately I have been fascinated with longevity research and I recently stumbled across this interview with USC’s Valter Longo (the godfather of longevity research) on the impact of diet on aging and longevity (hint: he recommends a mostly plant-based diet). In that interview he said, “Other than genes, it is hard to think of something that can be more powerful than food in determining whether someone is going to make it to 100 or die before 50 years old.

He went on to talk about an “ideal” meal with a little pasta, a bunch of garbanzo beans, and a whole bunch of greens/veggies (he’s Italian, naturally). But classic Italian/Mediterranean diet isn’t about mountains of pasta – just *a little* pasta with a ton of other nutrient-dense food. As he puts it:

“the Italians who lived so

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