The Incredible Veggie Burger from No Meat Athlete

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No one will miss the meat when you serve The Incredible Veggie Burger from No Meat Athlete by Matt Frazier. Don’t have all of the ingredients on hand? No worries! There’s a formula that will help you make substitutions.

No Meat Athlete

Although I do exercise every day, I’m pretty far from being an athlete. I do sometimes work with runners and workout enthusiast in my health coaching business, though. So, I like to keep myself knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition for people who are very active. And fortunately, I have Matt Frazier’s book No Meat Athlete to help me with that.

Matt Frazier originally wrote No Meat Athlete in 2013 with some help from Matthew Ruscigno. A lot can change in five years, so they’ve recently revised and expanded it. This new edition includes new recipes, advice, and an all-new 12-week strength training plan designed to improve your overall fitness.


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