Transitional Pieces: Winter to Spring

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The most awkward wardrobe transitional period is from winter to spring, especially here in New York because it’s not subtle. East coast winter can be brutal. When it is icy cold out, and you leave any bit of your skin exposed, you’ll instantly become a popsicle. This makes you look forward to spring days while envisioning outfits such as ripped denim with a flowy top or a breezy midi skirt and short sleeves. Then comes one of those winter days where hints of spring weather are in the air. I chose this outfit to ensure that I am covered up when it gets chilly, but not over-layered to avoid any icky and unnecessary perspiration.


I am wearing a long sleeve off the shoulder crop top under my cropped vegan leather jacket. It’s the perfect combination for this seasonal transition.

I wore these lightweight high-waisted and comfortable pants which might the best type of pants to wear

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