Vegan Themed Cards and Totes from Two Trick Pony

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If you’ve ever received a vegan-theme greeting card, there’s a good chance it came from Two Trick Pony.

Two Trick Pony

Two Trick Pony is a vegan-owned business that has been around since 2006. They create fun, retro-inspired cards, most of which feature bright, colorful graphics and a cute pun. Most of us toss greeting cards a few days after receiving them, but Two Trick Pony’s cards are far too nice to do that. Chances are you’ll want to frame them and hang them somewhere where that you can see them often, especially since they arehand-printed works of art.

Designer Laurie Johnston is the artist behind Two Trick Pony’s designs. Laurie has a degree from Rhode Island School of Design and she’s been in the stationery industry since 1997. She designs and silkscreens each card in her Massachusetts studio.

Vegan-Themed Greeting Cards

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