Where Do Activists Draw the Line?

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Where Do Activists Draw the Line? Activism allows us to vote with our choices: what we view, what we consume, what we spend money on. We’re seeing this more in the mainstream these days. In a politically divisive society, it seems there’s a new boycott or protest every day.

Ethical vegans are no strangers to drawing lines. Some of us will not eat at an establishment that sells meat; others do so with the intent of spending their money on plant-based dishes and letting the owners know that more of those dishes will mean more business for them. Some vegans are fine with sharing a family meal with a turkey on the table. I myself haven’t sat at a Thanksgiving table with a turkey since going vegan in 2009, but I will eat with my non-vegan friends and family if there isn’t a carcass present.

I think about these lines

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