Why you should consider activism if you’re Vegan

“Other animals have no voice. They can’t ask for help. They can’t ask for freedom. They can’t ask for protection. Humanity must be their voice.” Anthony Douglas Williams – Inside the Divine Pattern

When I became vegan I had no idea that I would become the person I am now. Before I involved myself with activism I thought what I was doing was enough. All meat, dairy were officially out of my diet. I was reading labels and making sure I was not buying products that tested on animals. Then I went to a screening of What the Health. When I left the screening I said to myself ‘What I’m doing is not enough. I need to do more.’ About a week later I saw a posting on Facebook about a chapter of Anonymous for the Voiceless getting together in my city. That was the sign I needed and have been growing ever since as an activist.

Going vegan is the beginning. I see that now. The animals need our voices, our strength and our persistence. Animals are being murdered at an alarming rate. The USDA reported that in 2016 4.6 Billion animals were slaughtered in just the United States of America. (Source: USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service). That total only includes numbers on: Cattle, Chickens, Pigs, Ducks, Turkeys, Sheep and Lamb.

Please try to get involved. There are so many groups out there and people on social media that are very supportive. I think Anonymous for the Voiceless is the best outreach I’ve been involved in so far so please check out their website here: https://www.anonymousforthevoiceless.org/ Click in their locations tab to find a chapter in your area.

You’re not alone. I know the general public makes us feel that we do not have power, that we cannot drive change, that our efforts do not make a difference. This is not true and we cannot remain silent. If you need help in your area in regards to activism, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

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